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Nordmann Portugal is a subsidiary of Nordmann. It was founded in 1978 and currently has 40 employees in Portugal.

In Portugal, it is organised into seven business units: Food Industry, Coatings, Adhesives and Construction, Plastics and Elastomers, Textile, Industrial Chemicals, Agriculture, and Catering and Equipments.

Nordmann - Knowledge in Action

Balancing tradition and the future has always been part of our formula for success. Two generations after its foundation in 1912, Nordmann today ranks among the world's leading chemical distribution companies. We are an independent family-owned company representing prestigious companies with a global presence. We have 24 subsidiaries in several countries.

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In the distribution of specialty chemicals and catering products in Portugal, Nordmann Portugal is the first choice. Our commercial success is based on solid growth and the achievement of long-term goals. Dignity towards our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment is the foundation of our company.


Satisfying customer needs through excellent service.
Constant innovation and careful choice of quality products.
Combining the creativity and skills of employees to be a leader in distribution.


We are a family business.
We have clear goals.
We trust each other.

We have freedom of action.
We are responsible.
We are trusted partners.

We are competent.
We respect each other.
Together we are the best.

  • - Groquifar - Associação de Grossistas de Produtos Químicos e Farmacêuticos (member of FECC) -
  • - APCAS - Associação Portuguesa de Colas (member of FEICA) -
  • - APT – Associação Portuguesa de Tintas (CEPE member) -
  • - German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Alternative Dispute Resolution for consumer disputes

Company member of the Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centre of Lisbon with the following contacts:


In the event of a dispute, the consumer may appeal to this Dispute Resolution Body.

More information at the Consumer Portal.

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