Quality and Food Safety Policy

Nordmann Portugal is committed to establishing a policy capable of meeting the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, suppliers and society itself.

Therefore, Nordmann Portugal has established, implemented and communicated internally and externally the following Quality and Food Safety Policy:

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable legal, regulatory, customer and other requirements;
  • To make available products that satisfy and retain customers' loyalty by maintaining the specified quality standards;
  • Strengthen our market position while expanding the quantity and quality of our services. Together, we will successfully shape our future.
  • To look upon our customers and suppliers as long-term partners in order to create consistency and trust.
  • Each employee, in accordance with the corporate culture, is responsible for his or her tasks and actions within the QMS and HSEMS;
  • Promote good social practices;
  • Promote continuous improvement by encouraging cooperation and team spirit;
  • Implement actions aimed at the safety, hygiene and health of employees and the protection of facilities and the environment;
  • Organise and maintain a risk analysis system in order to guarantee the safety of products and processes;
  • Ensure proper communication about the quality and food safety of products;
  • Apply the Food Safety Management System as a guarantor of public health ensuring that hazards are identified, assessed and controlled so that the product does not cause direct or indirect harm to the consumer;
  • Respect ethical values based on responsibility and confidentiality;
  • To value our employees, providing them with the necessary training and modernising the operational systems.

The basic principle consists of developing people within the organisation, acting in a way that all those involved in the organisation make quality a way of being and create a true team spirit as the cornerstone of company culture in which each person knows their roles, duties and rights.


Nordmann Portugal is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018.  

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